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Your commercial Building Partner

I-beams, steel building components and industrial stairs and railings in northeast Ohio.

From manufacturing facilities to low-rise commercial structures, our clients turn to us for a complete line of fabricated building components – I-beams, steel trusses, decking, lintels, staircases and more.

Precise Fabrication For A Perfect Fit.

Ensure the safety, integrity and timely completion of your project as we combine technology and craftsmanship to meet your specifications.

A Reliable Supply Partner

Our commitment to short lead times and on-time delivery help you minimize project delays, reduce costs, and meet construction timelines.

Services Section

Steel I-Beams

Discover how our advanced robotic processing technology ensures precise fabrication of I-beams, meeting the highest quality standards for both commercial and residential projects.

Stairways & Railings

From industrial sites to offices, our steel stair components are designed with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Technology highlights

A Perfect finish

Enhanced Surface Protection

Our finishing services, including shotblasting and painting, streamlines the production process while supporting structural integrity, aesthetics, and corrosion resistance.

Superior Precision

Robotic I-Beam Processing

Using high-tech drilling and cutting equipment, we optimize production efficiency to ensure consistent quality and enable customization for your project requirements. 

Build With Confidence

Discover how our industry experience and responsive customer service can make sourcing steel building components simple, reliable and efficient. Contact us today to request a quote. 

Let's work together

See how our custom solutions can help improve your processes, productivity or product design. Contact us today to get started.